Hi folks!

I live about 10 minutes away from a pretty nice lagoon called “Lagoa de Óbidos”, where I often go just to relax bit.

One of those times, I brought my field-recorder with me and captured what was available:

A seagull was just standing there. Sounded angry though…


Found a squishy thing on the sand, no idea what it was.


There were a bunch of dry sticks/reeds lying around. Automatically started hitting them.


And what do you do when you got a big stick? You wave it around, of course.


You really can find something useful anywhere you go, as long as you look closely.
I will surely be using this sounds in my stuff, and you can too. Just grab them here and use them however you like!


Tell me if you like the sounds or use them in your stuff. I would love to hear it.
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Hope you have a nice day,
Cheers! ^^