Hi folks!

Almost in the middle of nowhere, there is an old country house where my girlfried grew up.
We occasionally go there to be with her family and just spend a few days relaxing.

But one of the nice things of being there, is that there are some cool things to record, namely a bunch of old doors and gates.

Take a listen:

Me just hitting and pounding on the doors


The creaking sound of one of them


The sounds of a metal bar lock (in the picture)


The raw recordings sounded nice but I added some processing to make them sound even cooler.
As you can hear (and see from the image), every door is hand-made and has a very unique sound.

As usual, all the samples are available for download here.
You can use them in your projects however you like, and if you like them, leave a comment or head over to my Facebook and tell me about it.

They are completely free, but if you wish to support, you can always donate through Paypal and/or join the Newsletter.


Hope you have a nice day,
Cheers! ^^