Hi folks!

Just the other day, I was doing some sound-design for a project, and none of the sounds I already had were “just right” for what I needed.

So what do you do in those cases?
Why, you grab your recorder and any objects lying around and make some magic happen, of course.

Oh the advantages of being a bedroom producer…

Take a listen:

The sound of a book (depicted above)


A little plastic cube filled with colored water and a mini floating boat


Speaking of water, some wind-chimes decorated with dolphins


Last but not least, something that I have no idea what it was…
sounded cool though…


Since the sounds were useful to me, maybe they might be useful to you, even if they’re a bit vanilla.

As usual, all the samples are available for download here.
You can use them in your projects however you like, and if you like them, leave a comment or head over to my Facebook and tell me about it.

They are completely free, but if you wish to support, you can always donate through Paypal.


Hope you have a nice day,
Cheers! ^^